Prof M. Saeed Quraishy,
Vice Chancellor- Dow University of Health Sciences

Prof Dr Muhammad Masroor-Pro Vice Chancellor-DUHS

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Prof. Zarnaz Wahid Dermatologist, Principal DIMC & Pro Vice Chancellor DUHS.

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Prof Dr JehanAra Hassan-Head of Department Obs & Gyne-DUHS-Academic Head eDoctor

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Dr Farid Qazi- Oncologist- USA, Head of eDoctor Program-North America

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Prof Dr Nusrat Shah-Obs & Gyne-DUHS

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Dr. Fehmina Arif-Prof. of Pediatrics DUHS.intro

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Dr. Ghulam Murtaza, Prof.of Pediatrics. DUHS & Civil Hospital, Karachi.

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Dr. Imran Rasheed Ahmed-Prof and Head of Department DIMS & DUHS

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Prof Dr Fauzia Parveen- Chairperson & HOD- Obs & Gynae

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Prof Dr Iftikhar Ahmed- Head of Medicine- DUHS

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Dr. Syeda Rabia- Associate Prof Obs & Gynae

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Dr Murtaza Ahsan Ansari-Associate Professor of ENT

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Associate Prof Dr Lubna Ali-Obs & Gyne-DUHS

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Associate Professor, Dr Afzal Qasim- Department of Cardiology

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Assistant Prof Dr Syed Muhammad Hassan- National Institute of Diabetics

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Assistant Prof Dr WashDev-Institute of Behavioural Sciences- DUHS

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Dr Anum Arshad Baig-Assistant Prof & Head of Department of Family Medicine-DUHS

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Dr Tabbe Rasool Consultant Rheumatologist

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Dr Uzma Nusrat -Assistant Prof, Deprt of Obs & Gyne-DUHS

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Dr. Faisal Faiyaz Zuberi Assistan Prof Pulmonology DUHS

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Dr. Mohammad Nadeem Ahsan- Assistan Prof. Consultant Nephrologist

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Dr. Seema Aftab, Assistant Prof. of Pedictrics. DUHS.

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Dr. Amanullah Lail, Assistant Prof. of Pediatrics, DUHS.

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Dr. Afshan Shahid, Assistant Prof. of Gynac & Obs-DUHS.

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Dr. Tabe-e-Rasool-consultant Rheumatologist-DUHS.

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Prof Dr Fauzia Parveen, Chairperson and H.O. Obs & Gynae, DUHS.

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